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Reptiles and amphibians

Do you have a garden pond?

Have you seen any frogs, toads or newts in your pond this spring? 

Grass snake

Seen a grass snake? Let us know! 

Slow worms are often seen at the allotments in Pound Lane. Have you seen a slow worm elsewhere in Exmouth? Please report it here.


Slow worms are useful in gardens and allotments as they eat slugs - lots of them! 

This one was keeping snug in a compost heap in early April. 


This small pond was built just over a year ago. A newt moved in two days after the pond was filled with rainwater!  

Advice on building ponds on our Gardening page

How many ponds are there in Exmouth? 
Answer - not enough!
Slow worms

You may have seen the video of a grass snake swimming in the sea in Exmouth on 30th May. This article discusses whether this is unusual behaviour for grass snakes.

slow worm in compost.jpg
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