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How can you help wildlife in your garden? 

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Excellent peat-free composts are available. eg SylvaGrow -can be purchased at Greenfingers Garden Centre or online

Add a new habitat
to your garden- 

Keep safety in mind. 

A Guide to Gardening without Pesticides.

a short video from The Royal Society

and the BBC

Add a highway between gardens for hedgehogs, amphibians and reptiles
Cut your lawn a little less often + leave the blades a bit higher or try a 'mini no-mow'
Choose garden plants  to attract insects

Detailed gardening

advice from the experts

at Garden Organic

Exmouth Allotments 
Monthly Guides
More gardening ideas 
The Eden  Project
Save water by
using a water butt
Please don't burn garden waste at home. 

Take it to the recycling centre for composting or subscribe          to the council green waste kerbside collection

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