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About the group

In the consultation for the Neighbourhood Plan, the people of Exmouth put 'The Natural Environment' top of their list of priorities.

The Plan was adopted and we hope it will give us new opportunities to protect the wildlife that lives alongside us in Exmouth.

But, in order to protect it, we need to know where it is.

We hope that all wildlife lovers, whether expert or beginner, will share what they know and what they see in their gardens, green spaces and on the seafront. 

Exmouth Wildlife Group was set up by a group of enthusiasts, affiliated to Transition Exmouth, to gather this information and use it to protect our wildlife. 

Please send us photos, observations, comments about wildlife that you see in Exmouth. to

If you see any mistakes or think something has not been identified correctly, please let us know.

We are all learning together!

Exmouth Wildlife Group  was formed in 2017. The aim of the group is to learn about, protect and conserve the wildlife living alongside us in Exmouth. 

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