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Plants and trees


'Garden Plant of the Month' 

A series observing which plants attract wildlife in an Exmouth garden through the year.





Head over to
Exmouth Tree Project
for news and information about trees in Exmouth. 
Which plants are attracting wildlife in your garden this month?
Mowing the lawn? 

Cutting your lawn less often, or setting the blades a bit higher gives wild plants space to grow and provides food for invertebrates including bees and hoverflies. 


Street Scene are now leaving some grassy areas uncut. On the right,  you can see The Crescent and wildflowers beginning to appear during the Summer.They are also leaving longer grass around the trees along Salterton Rd. Look for the 'Blue Hearts'. 


Arbutus enedo The Strawberry Tree

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Southern Marsh-orchid - Dactylorhiza pra
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Pyramidal Orchid,  June 2020
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Bee Orchid,  June 2020
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Mycena epipterygia
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Germinated Yellow Rattle  25 Mar 2018
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Moschatel  flower and leaves
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Moschatel  flowers showing Town Hall Clock  detail
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Haresfoot  Clover
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Bithynian Vetch    scarce
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