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On April 26th, 2018 just after 9pm, an otter was seen running up Park Road toward Phear Park!  Possibly visiting Phear Park to  eat frogs.  

hedgehog map 2019.jpg

Click above to see the 2019 hedgehog map 

Hedgehog map 2020 with BHM.jpg

Click above to see

the 2020 hedgehog map

In 2020, far more hedgehogs were reported to the online Big Hedgehog Map than in previous years. These have been added to our local reports on the map. Please note, the spots are not individual hedgehogs. They are places where hedgehogs have been seen and recorded. We cannot estimate the number of hedgehogs but the overall picture seems quite encouraging. 

Click above to see the 2017 hedgehog map

Hedgehog map 2018.jpg

Click above to see the 2018

hedgehog map 



Have you seen a hedgehog this year? Please let us know so we can add it to this year's map.

This information may help us to protect hedgehogs in Exmouth. 


These fascinating videos of a long eared bat were taken in the dark with infra-red cameras inside the attic of a house in Exmouth. Bats, usually one at a time, have been visiting throughout the winter feeding on small moths and flies overwintering in the attic. Impossible to tell if it's the same bat each time. In the first video, the bat uses its ears to check out the attic space.


Bats are legally protected. If you think you have bats in your property, please get advice from Natural England. Do not disturb the bats by putting up cameras without specialist advice. 


Click here to read 2019 results of the 'Living With Mammals Survey' from the PTES.  This survey has been running for 15 years and is studying populations of mammals that we may see in our gardens - foxes, hedgehogs, woodmice etc 

"Spotting Wild Mammals" 
- a guide from the People's Trust for Endangered Species

Click on one of the pictures to open the gallery

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