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Swift screaming parties!!

This morning, in less than 2 hours, I saw FIVE screaming parties in various parts of the town - at Whitton and Lang, at Exeter Road School, in Rosebery Road, Withycombe Village Road and Pound Lane. In Rosebery Road, which is in our established area, the swifts were trying to oust some very startled sparrows from the crevices into the roof. I suspect this is a sparrow colony and the swifts want to take it over. Swifts do seem to have been much in evidence round Exmouth lately, more so than in previous years, I'm sure. Perhaps the fine weather means there is more food locally for them or perhaps we can just see more of them because of the clear skies. Whatever the reason, I'm very hopeful (fingers crossed!) that more swifts will nest in Exmouth next year as we are seeing such positive breeding behaviour.

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