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What is Exmouth Wildlife Group? 

Exmouth Wildlife Group campaigns to protect urban wildlife and green spaces in Exmouth. See also About Us 
We believe that wildlife-rich green spaces and corridors in urban areas are vitally important for the wellbeing of both people and wildlife
We are currently collecting data- 
-on hedgehogs in Exmouth. 
If you have seen a hedgehog, please tell us where you saw it. 
Click here to send an email about your hedgehog sighting. 
-and ponds. 
Please tell us if you have a pond.
We need more ponds - essential habitat for urban wildlife.   


If you have a garden or yard, please put out water for wildlife during dry weather.
It is likely that many of our hedgehogs died last summer during the hot dry weather in June.
Hedgehogs need a lot of water. 
A saucer or a bowl of fresh water may save the life of a hedgehog but will also be used by birds, butterflies, bees and many others. Thanks! 

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Exmouth Wildlife Group is affiliated to Transition Exmouth

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